Carry dry snacks: It helps in reducing the travel time since you may have it while moving plus saves preparation time at hotel. Also saves on confusion to look for a better hotel. Although you can carry chips, wafers and chocolates but carrying home made preparations is always advisable.

Local transport: Local travel saves lot of cost if you are not travelling by your own vehicle. Local transport also helps you in understanding the culture of the particular area closely. It’s a trade off between time and money since public transport will consume more of your time.

Trade with luxurious resorts: One needs to decide if they want to enjoy resort or a place. If place is the option then there is no point in spending loads of money on luxurious resorts. One can save a lot of money on choosing hotels and resorts wisely.

Dine outs and movies: Money spent on dinner just for the sake of it can be utilised in travelling and exploring places. Avoid routine dining out and it will give good health  and wealth. Same is applicable for watching movies. Lot of money is wasted in watching movies in multiplexes and malls. We spend a lot on popcorn and snacks there which is not worth the price.

Quit smoking: Smoking kills health wise and money wise both. It’s a better idea to quit smoking. An average smoker can save around INR 1500-2000 per month if he quits smoking.

Use credit cards wisely: Now a days credit cards are easily available but repay its dues on time else it will create heavy burden on your pocket. Look for any offers by your card on travel or hotel bookings. Also many credit cards these days offer bookings on loyalty points. Check for them also while planning.

Check and compare offers with websites: Compare ongoing offers on different websites. Spending sometime in searching  good hotels and offers yields good savings.

Plan in advance: Advance planning always helps. It helps to save cost of flight tickets and accommodation. At many places cabs also charge higher charges looking at the urgency of the traveller.

These are some basic trips, more will follow as the journey of blog and blogger progresses and rest your experience will teach us. Share that knowledge with us.

Happy travelling!!!

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