Hello travellers-it’s Konkan again, this time it is kind of mid Konkan. Konkan calls me atleast once or twice a year maybe for driving or just enjoying nature and exploring places.
This time we took a slightly long route to enter Konkan i.e. from Verhanda ghat. It’s a amazing ghat with less traffic and panoramic green hues all around which gives an enjoyable driving experience. The road conditions are not much good but manageable. The reason for choosing this route was a visit to Shivtharghal: a place where Grantharaj Dasbodh was written by Swami Ramdas. After the ghat there are two routes to go to Shivtharghal, we choose the short one for which one has to take a right turn into the forest. This is not a suggestable road since it will test all your driving skills and you might think to take a u turn but there will be no option. Choose the longer one. The place is nice and well maintained, there is a cave where life size statues of Samartha Ramdas Swami dictating Granth Dasbodh to his disciple is made. You can sit and meditate there for some time if you reach early. There is a waterfall next to cave which adds beauty to the landscape. Different books written by Swamiji are also available for sale. Amazing view and amazing experience.
From there we moved towards Harihareshwar. There are lot of places in Harihareshwar but due to time constraint we moved towards the main temple. It is the temple of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and the temple of Kalbhairav and it is the family deity of Peshwas. It is the simple temple with small garden. Harihareshwar is also called Kashi of South!! Also Savitri river which originated in Mahabaleshwar meets Arabian Sea at Harihareshwar. The beach is just next to the temple. There are other places like Agasti caves, pradakshina marg, ganesh gully which we decided to visit in next trip and moved towards Diveagar. On our way to Diveagar we took a small break on beautiful Shrivardhan beach.
We had booked Maitreya beach resort at Diveagar. It’s a decent place to stay with family and has a parking facility also. There are many budget resorts and hotels nearby the beach. The hotels and resorts are modest ones and there is no options of luxurious hotels or resorts. No resorts or hotels are available on the beach and one has to walk through a small distance of 500-800 meters to the beach. Please keep torch while returning from the beach in the evening as there may not be street lights running. We faced the same problem and returned using mobile torch. The Konkani style food at hotel was delicious and fresh. There are not many food options available and one has to stick to their resorts.
Next day morning we again had a small stint in the sea. The beach is very peaceful and clean and one can really spend a quality time with family and friends. There are water sports available and one can also enjoy swimming also on the beach. You can enjoy breakfast like idli, dosa, poha, Maggie and similar items in the small shacks on the beach.
Then we moved towards Roopnarayan temple near the beach. The temple is very old possibly from 13th century and lined with beetle nut trees. The temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu in Dashavtar form. Then we visited Swarna Ganesh temple which is also the main deity of the village. Earlier the face of the idol was of Gold but now it is replaced by silver since the earlier one was stolen. God is also not safe in our country!!!
We did some Konkani shoppings from local shops and moved back to Pune clocking the total distance of around 500Kms in two days.
While Konkan mesmerises round the year, however post monsoon winter is the best season to visit, however monsoons are also enjoyable with all lazy atmosphere around with lush greenery. It’s individual’s choice but summers are to be avoided.
Nearest Airport is Mumbai or Pune and railway station is Mangaon on Konkan railway route. There are State transport buses available from Mumbai and Pune or best option is to travel by personal vehicle.
Happy traveling and driving!!!

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