Cultures and traditions are created historically by the inhabitants of the place. Different cities and places have different cultures and traditions which they love to follow. Like wise there is one unique culture of Pune city which gives importance to 5 Ganesh idols every year during the 10 day Ganesh Festival period. Let’s look at them and their special characteristics. They are:
Kasba Ganpati: This temple is from the period of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and it is also called gram devta of Pune. It is also open for darshan round the year.
Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganpati: It is considered the oldest Ganpati of Pune.
Guruji Talim Ganpati: It is the symbol of Hindu Muslim unity since it was established by Hindu and Muslim families.
Tulshibag Ganpati: It is in the Tulshibaug market and is present round the year
Kesari Wada Ganpati: It was established by Lokmanya Tilak at his residence.

Visit to these idols during festival period is an amazing experience in itself. The festival enthusiasm stays through the mid night and one can enjoy them in 2-3 hours time at night. The complete area is filled with joy and enthusiasm and you will get all snacks to eat and drink during midnight also. It’s real fun to do. One has to walk through all these areas and there is no parking facilities available. Either you can park your vehicle near PMC bus stand or take a cab.
Apart from these names there are others also which are equally good. Fully city reverberates in the joy and enthusiasm for all 10 days. There are special preparations which begins 3-4 months earlier for dhol, sandal and group performances. It is the celebration which everyone awaits every year and enjoy with same zeal and enthusiasm every next year.

Happy traveling!!!

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