Ever thought that there could be a trip to seven wonders of the world without a passport and at the rock bottom price. It’s not a dream but a reality in one of the parks of Pune.

Yes, there are mini replicas of seven wonders of the world in a park in Sahakar nagar in Pune. Entry fee to park is INR 20 and timings are 6-8 in morning and 4:30-8 in the evening. They have provided toilet at the entrance of the park which needs lot of improvement. As you go ahead there are small statues of Superman and Mowgli to click pics. Covering all the wonders might take years to visit but a walk around the garden will show Taj Mahal, Leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, Collosum and stone hedge. Do not forget to click selfies around them.

There is also a 3D show in the evening which we missed because our daughter was less than 3 years.

It is also called late Yeshwantrao Chavan garden and a truly enjoyable place with families and kids. I would definitely recommend the place to visit for 1-2 hours in the evening and enjoy with your kids.

Happy traveling!!!

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