It’s long time that we were confined to our homes due to ongoing pandemic.
With the situation getting under control and opening up of restrictions step by step we both friends decided for the bike ride.
After a long gap a no destination ride was planned. Even though it was a no destination ride we still started early in the morning to avoid city rush. Heading through Pune we chose Pandharpur road and decided to go till Narayanpur.
Road was amazing with less traffic and green cover all over the horizon.
As we crossed Dive Ghat, we couldn’t move ahead without taking pics with Mastani lake at the bottom and we at the top of Dive Ghat.
As we move ahead, we took right from Saswad and it was a refreshing drive with greenery all around. It took close to 90 minutes to reach Narayanpur where we took Darshan of Datta Maharaj from outside the temple. Covid norms for temples were still not relaxed by then. At that point we decided not to go back and ride ahead to satisfy the riding hunger. Riding was again a joy with small Ghat section and beautiful views all around. They were really nice to have views after a long covid break.
As we reach Kapurhol through internal roads and not by Bangalore highway, it was a pleasant surprise. We took garam garam chai with pakoda (Tea and snacks) and then headed back.
We decided to take the same scenic route again instead of taking Bangalore highway.
While returning we took a stop at Sangameshwar temple towards left just before Saswad. It’s a ancient Siva temple on the bank of Karha river. It has a wonderful architecture and very peaceful surroundings. The temple wall has lot of small carvings of Hindu deities. However the same is not properly maintained but one can go to spend some peaceful time out of city and do meditation. It’s a lesser know destination and hence less crowded. Huge Nandi stands guarding the main hall of Siva where one can feel the relaxed atmosphere. There are small 1-2 temples nearby but we could not find the way there.
Then we moved on to Lord Bhairavnath temple in Saswad. The wall of the temple looked like a fort and seems like it was renovated recently. The temple is beautifully decorated from inside also with different auspicious signs around the wall. Huge Deepmalas stand outside the temple with huge parking lot. We took Darshan and moved on.
We then headed straight to Pune and finished our unplanned no destination trip by 12:30 with 2 new destinations ticked!
Happy Traveling!!!!

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