If you are in search of peace nearby Pune at a short drive Bhuleshwar is the place. Approximately 55-60 kms from Pune on solapur highway through hadapsar, uruli kanchan and Yawat.
I have been to Bhuleshwar many times and also suggested many people for short visit of 3-4 hours depending on where you live in Pune. After a long time I was deciding for a bike trip. Due to less experience of biking we chose this spot since it was known and near to city.
I and my friend started from Kharadi-Magarpatta at around 6:30 in the morning and took first break at Vitthal kamat after almost 44-45 Kms. This is just before Yawat.
From Yawat we have to take right turn and travel approximately 9 kms. The temple is situated on hilltop and can be seen from the highway. There is a small ghat section leading to the top from where we need to take right towards the temple. There is board of Bhuleshwar on highway as well as on the top to take right. The road is quite  better though it is part of rural location. One can drive till top of the hill. If interested one can find variety of birds around. We reached temple at around 8:00 and spent considerable time there. One can enjoy nice valley view from the top. The premises of temple is also neat and clean.
This Shiva temple is fully made of basalt rocks with carvings everywhere. It has Lord Ganesha’s idol in female form. Many rock carvings are disfigured now but they still tell the mythological stories of avatars of Vishnu and Mahabharata and Ramayan. 
Peculiar characteristic of the temple is that the shiv linga can be removed for the offerings. It is said that beneath the linga there are idols of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh which are taken out everyday for performing pooja. Magnificent Nandi stands guarding the Lord Shiva’s idol at the entrance of sanctum sanctoram. We left at 9 and reached home by 10:00. Nice short bike trip for us which encouraged us to have more biking in the near future.
A place worth the visit especially in the evening or early morning. 

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