It’s a great place on the outskirts of Nagpur, ideal for family get togethers or small parties. It propagates the ethnic Rajasthani culture in a truly Rajasthani way. It is approximately 25Kms from Nagpur on the Amaravati road. Go straight on the Amaravati road from Nagpur till village Suraburdi. After Suraburdi, keep a watch on the right side of the road. On a small hill you will see Chokar Dhani welcoming you with open hands. To enjoy the fun you need to shell out Rs.350 per person as an entry fee. Rest is fun unlimited inside.               

On the gate, people welcome each one of us in a very traditional way by applying tilak on the forehead. There is a dwarf on the right side, welcoming you. Don’t get mislead by the dwarf since it resembles a statue, but its an original human being. As you venture inside, you will meet two persons standing in a traditional dress with the body of horse surrounding their waist. They perform dance for you, even you can also dance with them and wear the body of the horse. Its total fun.               

Entering further, you will see a big ground surrounded by various stalls. Each stall represents different form of Rajasthani culture. You will see Magician surprising you and at the same time you will be mesmerized by the puppet show. A girl will walk on a rope for you, and another girl will pick blade with an eyelid. There are groups performing folk dances. A palmist has also opened his stall in the middle. There is a pottery maker who will teach you to prepare earthern pots. You can try your pot making skills there and play with the clay. There are camel rides as well as Chariot rides to enjoy.               

After going through all these stalls, you feel completely exhausted and drive of the hunger moves you in the building on the first floor. You have to sit down to eat and the food will be served to you. They serve numerous delicacies and that too unlimited!
It’s a must go place and truly enjoyable. To enjoy more, go in a group.

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