Suraburdi is approx 15Kms from Nagpur on Amravati road. One can visit with the family on evening. It is a beautiful spot. The spot consists of an Ashram and huge idol of Lord Mahadev, Goddess Parvati and Lord ganesh. Behind the idol there is a cave sort of structure and inside the caves they have prepared 12 jyotirlings (12 incarnations of Lord Shiva as per Hindu Mythology). The priest sitting outside tells about the jyotirling which one should worship as per their moon sign. There is beautiful garden outside where one can relax and take some snaps. The place is worth visiting and hardly takes 25-30 mins to reach from Nagpur.
Take the Amravati road from Nagpur. Go straight till an Indian Oil petrol pump on the right side. There is a board with the village name Suraburdi. One will also find the yellow colored board of Suraburdi Meadows. Take right from that board or ask the villager. After taking right go as per road for about a Km and you will reach the destination. On right side is the temple and on left side the road goes to Suraburdi Meadows. The picture below shows the landscap which will be seen from certain dstance.

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