About Us

We are a travel enthusiast group of people who are in constant search of new places. Some places are famous and some are not so famous. We try to cover both with focus on infamous ones. Everyone visits the famous places without having knowledge about the not so famous yet beautiful places around them. This a small effort to bring those unknown places into limelight so as to increase tourism and job opportunities in the surrounding areas. While traveling one would see various trees, flowers, birds, insects, hotels and eateries. We tried to give short information regarding them so that you will know atleast something and won’t be blank if you come across them. Some trips are just about places or some may be only driving but they will give you a fair idea about planning the same for yourself. Our intention is simple, just get more people to travel. Ours is a diverse country and Traveling opens cultural boundaries and makes individual open to different ideas, cultures and customs. It’s a way to know each other may be individual, group, city, state or a country.

To start with we are focused mainly on Maharashtra, India and may be some parts of Canada. We are sharing incredible and amazing real life experiences which will help in discovering the wanderer in you.

Happy and Safe Travelling!!!