It has been a long time away from sea. Sea fascinates me and I am always excited to plan a trip on sea shore. And what could be better than Tarkarli beach in Malvan for a sea lover.
Planning started a fortnight ago. Since it was a long weekend and started planning fortnight ago, I felt difficulties in getting the desired accommodation. After lot of search and calls I finalised Namita beach resorts which was right on Tarkarli beach. There are cheap homestays available in the Malvan area. They are slightly costly over the weekend or long weekend but one can get a cheaper deal during weekdays. The resorts are also cheap during weekdays.
Day 1 was very simple. We started early in the morning around 6:00 through Pune Bangalore highway. We touched Kolhapur very early due to minimal traffic on the highway and this is the advantage of leaving early. From Kolhapur we took the route which goes through Radhanagari sanctuary. There was nothing special planned on that route, just that I wanted to try different route. The road was scenic and amazing although with few rough patches. Finding our way through Konkan ghat we reached Namita Beach resort at around 3:00 PM. It’s not easy to locate the same but google maps show the correct way towards the resort. The resort is family friendly with nice and clean rooms and space for parking. It was not a luxurious resort since we would be spending all days out. One good thing about the resort is that it is just on the tarkarli beach. Whenever you feel you can go on the beach. We had lunch there and relaxed for sometime.
At around 4:30 we left for Sindhudurg fort. For that we have to go to Malvan beach and take a ferry from beach to fort since the fort is in the middle of sea. Malvan beach is very crowded since it is famous and people also come for Sindhudurg visit. Fort is not far off and we can see the fort from the beach itself. Ferry charge is 50 per person. Even though the condition of fort is not that great but still It is worth seeing and it offers beautiful view of the sea from all sides. There is temple dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj on the fort. After spending some time there we came back to our resort and had dinner. After dinner we went to beach for a troll. Since the resort was on the beach, we felt like it was a private beach for us. It was amazing experience with no one around for several meters and calmness of atmosphere getting disturbed by the sound of splashing waves.
Next day started with adventures. We again went to Malvan beach for water sports activity. Sports start around 9:00 in the morning here and to enjoy these sports one should reach on the beach early since waiting time is more for each activity. We did 1-2 rides and then moved for scuba diving on the Malvan beach. Scuba diving is also not managed properly and you will require lot of time for your experience of 20 mins below the water. But spending that time is worth the experience. I was amazed by the small finned beauties and corals inside the water 20 feet below the surface. They take your pics and video below the water and provide the same once you return on the beach. Keep your pen drive or memory card with you to transfer and carry your videos and pics. Although pics are not much clear but video is good.
We finished lunch nearby beach and proceed towards Jai Ganesh temple. The temple is built by Jayant Salgaonkar- A Renowned astrologer and creator of popular calendar ‘Kalnirnay’. The temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha along with Riddhi Siddhi. The temple is open daily from 6 in the morning till 7 in the evening. Nice temple to visit in Malvan.
Near to the temple is the Chivla beach which is kind of unexplored patch. Not much crowd and hence clean and peaceful beach. There are concrete triangles along the beach and a road parallel to it which gives feeling of Marine drive in Mumbai. There are few shacks on the beach where you can relax and have snacks. There are various stay options available near the Chivla beach. After having a small walk on the pristine white sand we moved towards the rock garden.
A beautifully developed garden overlooking the Chivla beach is the best place to relax and view the sunset. The garden is filled with lush green lawn and different types of rocks and plants. There is small play area where kids can enjoy. They have a small pond where kids can have a boating experience. Nice place to visit with kids and family. After enjoying the sunset we moved to dinner after searching for a hotel nearby and proceed to resort. There are not much options available for vegetarians and they will have to compromise with the taste and options in the food. Fish lovers will enjoy the place to the fullest.
Next day was a return journey via Kunkeshwar which is approximately 50Kms from our resort. We started around 8:30 in the morning towards Kunkeshwar.
Kunkeshwar beach has an ancient temple dedicated to lord Shiva and is knows as Kashi of Konkan. The beach was amazingly beautiful and you can see crystal clear water from the temple. Since this was a very fast visit and unanticipated one I have decided to revisit the same to explore it further.
I cannot control my driving urge on the roads of Konkan. Hence instead of moving to Pune from Kunkeshwar we added Vijaydurga to the destination which was just 35-38 Kms from Kunkeshwar. It is oldest, largest and strongest fort in Sindhudurg coastal area. Surrounded by sea from three sides, the fort offers mesmerising views of sea from all sides. The fort represents the architectural excellence of the historic era. The walls and bastions are still in good condition and one will enjoy going through the fort. The storage area of grains, prison, water reservoir are still in good condition. It is one of the well maintained fort in Maharashtra which is still in good condition. The fort is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. Guides are also available at a cheaper rate. This is a must visit fort in the area. Since the fort is on the ground, vehicle goes till the base of the fort.
We spent around one hour in the fort and then moved towards Pune. While returning we chose Gaganbawda ghat and took almost 9 hours to reach home in Pune via Kolhapur. Had lunch at Vitthal Kamat Near Kolhapur. Since it was the end of long weekend there was heavy rush after Satara which took more time. It was a splendid 3 days journey covering part of Konkan and a distance of approximately 992Kms. Looking forward for more journeys of Konkan.

Happy Traveling!!!

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