The temple of Goddess Hinglaj in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh is one of the oldest and is very renowned. The other temple is in Baluchistan state of Pakistan which is also amongst the 51 Shakti Peeth. This Indian temple is approximately 40Kms from Chhindwara on Parasia road near Umreth. The Chhindwara is a border town of Madhya Pradesh and approximately 125 Kms from Nagpur.
The idol of goddess is self created and she fulfills the wishes of her devotees. It is said that the idol of Goddess is migrated from Rajasthan in around 1907 by its king at that time.
There are good facilities in the temple for washing feet, drinking water and toilets. Whole temple is under CCTV coverage apart from permanent police teams which is important from security point of view. There is ample parking space available outside the temple. There is small play area for kids. The surrounding is filled by plants and trees and one can relax in the serene atmosphere of the temple. Thousands of devotees come here daily to seek blessings of Goddess. There is huge fair during Navratri festival and devotees visit here in large numbers during the 9 days period.
The nearest town is Chhindwara from where one can take a private cab to visit the temple. Bus transport facility is also available but taking private cab is better idea. If anyone wants to travel by air then nearest airport is at Nagpur from where one can easily reach Chhindwara and then Hinglaj by private cab. Going from Nagpur, one can also visit Hanuman temple at Jam Savli and can also plan a 3-4 days trip to Patalkot, Pachmari and nearby areas. Many stay options are available in Nagpur, Chhindwara and Pachmari. Happy Traveling!!!

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