We often visit aquariums to appreciate marine life. Although smaller species can fit in the tanks, it’s a rare occasion we can witness huge creatures of the sea in real world. Fortunately, there are few places, where this is possible. 

We did a road trip from the city of Montreal in Canada to visit Baie Sainte Catherine which is located in the gulf of Saint Laurent River for whale watching. It’s very fascinating to think of Whales in the river, especially the huge blue whale. To start with, I was very curious what it would be like to experience this opportunity.

We started our road trip from Montreal and took a small stop at Quebec City which is the capital of Quebec province in Canada. After exploring the city for a bit, and having lunch at all you can eat we were pretty stuffed for the day. We had booked our stay on Isle-aux-Coudres, which was an amazing island with river facing cabins, restaurants and a very friendly atmosphere. 

The following day we set off for the ticketing center for whale watching cruise and boats at  “Croisières AML Baie-Sainte-Catherine”. The cruise we took was accompanied by a complimentary bi-lingual guide who was very helpful and keen on sharing her love for marine life being a biologist herself. As we sailed, we could witness magnificent panoramic views and greenery surrounded by blue water. It was surreal. After around 30 min, we could see some gray seals which added to our excitement. Soon, our guide spotted a minke whale and everyone’s wait had paid-off. Shortly enough she pointed out Fin whale, we could see it’s fin popping out of water. Those creatures were huge. After a while we could see whales surrounded all around. We added humpback whale and the great blue on our list. We could hear hissing sounds and see the live fountain which whales were spraying from their top which was cherry on the cake. We were back on the shore in next 2 hours after witnessing nature’s masterpiece. 

Best time to go : July – September

Nearest international Airport : Montreal

Best enjoyed : Renting a car at airport and exploring around. 

Happy Traveling!!!

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