Hello travellers,

Apart from covid19 patients, I think travellers and travel industry are the worst affected lot due to this pandemic. People are turning maniac for not allowed to step out of homes. But this will not be a reality forever. Things will change for good and travel will start again. Some cities/countries have opened up but some are yet to but they are also in process to open up their boundaries. 2020 does not seem to be a year for traveling.

Now since out of compulsion we are glued to our home, it can actually be a time to plan. Till now we might have made several mistakes during travel planning and execution. It’s time to revisit them and rectify wherever possible.

There might be places where we would have visited earlier but want to visit again. Make a list of the same and plan it again. We do not know when the flights or hotels will start but planning is not at all a bad thought. Explore online similar places which we visited earlier and didn’t like, cross them from your list. Thinking about travel when not travelling keeps me motivated and moving ahead.

Some may think of going to their native place and spend some quality time in the company of old pals and memories. Such a beautiful way to get out of this lockdown boredom syndrome.

Many of us would be having numerous clicks of their previous trips which can be relooked and revisit the places through memories. Identify the best ones and give for printing an album. With this we may be able to identify the type of traveller within us and then identify similar places to visit in future. Decide if you want to do sky diving or scuba diving or lying lazy on the beach. Choice is yours! Explore whole ocean of .com and you will reach a beautiful island.

Explore different travel blogs which will help in identifying the missed spots and places. Try to identify the local spots initially to avoid risk and burdening of Government systems. Sometimes views or calmness near our home gives much relief than traveling places around the world.

Watch discovery, history, national geographic channel, they will give various insights related to geography, people, culture and food. Identify hotels and restaurants to enjoy lip smacking food. This can be a streetside vendor also.

Since our social spending is down, it helps in reducing the spending and save more for future trips. Shopping malls and eateries have opened, don’t rush for spending on clothes and ordering food. This will help in reducing your exposure to covid and also helps in saving money. Post covid there are chances that travel will be costlier since petrol/diesel prices have already shotup, airlines and hotel stay will also be costly. So spend less and save more should be the mantra for now.

Stay with your family and spend good time together with them which we may not get once the global engine starts.

Lastly stay safe, stay positive and plan more for exiting travelling again in coming months.

Happy and safe traveling!!!

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