Umrer Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary: This new born wildlife sanctuary near Nagpur is a must visit for nature lovers. Approximately 65 Kms from Nagpur, this sanctuary is a nice place to drive in the jungle, to enjoy nature and have fun. Take Umrer road from Nagpur, do not enter the Umrer city. Take the straight outer road till you reach a T junction. Take right from that junction, left will take you inside the city. Go straight till you see a Hindustan Petroleum’s petrol pump on the right side of the road. Just nest to the petrol pump take a left and you enter a normal village kind of road. There is a board showing direction of Umrer Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary. After approximately 3 Kms, there is a narrow Y joint, take right from that joint and go straight. You will be crossing 2 villages on the way, second one being Karhandla. After the end of the village, you will see Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary. The Umrer Nagpur highway is good, except for traffic of trucks. You need to pay toll of Rs. 30 for two way trip.                The sanctuary is opened from 6:30 to 11:00 in the morning and 2:30 to 6:00 in the evening. Reach early to get first entry and enjoy the forest to its full timings. You can drive your own vehicle inside the jungle by paying Rs.100 for the vehicle. The per head cost is Rs.50 and the compulsory guide costs Rs.240. There are three lakes inside the sanctuary which is a nice habitat for bird lovers. Variety of birds are there in the sanctuary. Off track drivers will enjoy driving in the jungle. As per forest officials, there are leopards, bear, Chitals, Bisons, Blue bull and 8 tigers in the Sanctuary.
                Very near to Nagpur, the sanctuary is a must watch for the jungle lovers.

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